Forging process of weld neck flange

Weld neck flange is a kind of pipe fittings, which refers to the flange with neck and transition of round pipe and weld neck connection with pipe.

Weld neck flange is not easy to deform, well sealed and widely used. It has corresponding rigid and elastic requirements and reasonable weld neck thinning transition. The distance between the welding joint and the joint surface is large, and the joint surface is free from welding temperature deformation. It adopts a more complex trumpet shape structure, which is suitable for pipelines with large fluctuation of pressure or temperature or pipelines with high temperature, high pressure and low temperature, It is generally used for the connection of pipes and valves with PN greater than 2.5MPa; It is also used to transport expensive, flammable and explosive media in the pipeline.

Weld Neck Flange RF P250GH

Weld Neck Flange RF P250GH

The forging process is generally composed of the following processes: cutting, heating, forming and cooling. The forging process includes free forging, die forging and membrane forging. During production, different forging methods should be selected according to the forging quality and production batch.

Free forging has low productivity and large machining allowance, but its tools are simple and versatile, so it is widely used to forge single piece and small batch forgings with simple shape. The free forging equipment includes air hammer, steam air hammer and hydraulic press, which are suitable for the production of small, medium and large forgings respectively. Die forging has the advantages of high productivity, simple operation, easy mechanization and automation. Die forgings have high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance and more reasonable distribution of fiber structure, which can further improve the service life of parts.

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