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Haihao Group’s capability in custom manufacturing:Transition ring for Russian client

Haihao Group’s capability in custom manufacturing:Transition ring for Russian client

Haihao Group is pleased to announce our latest order from a valued Russian client, which includes a specialized transition ring made from ASTM A516 GR.70 material. This product exemplifies our commitment to meeting stringent client specifications and delivering high-quality, customized pipeline system components.

transition ring

transition ring

Product Description and Function

The transition ring, as depicted in the provided client drawing, is an essential component in pipeline systems. Its primary function is to facilitate the connection between two different pipe sections, ensuring a smooth transition in diameter or thickness. This is crucial in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the pipeline system, preventing potential issues such as leaks, pressure drops, and mechanical failures.

Material and Performance

The transition ring is manufactured from ASTM A516 GR.70 steel, known for its excellent properties:

High Strength: ASTM A516 GR.70 is characterized by its high tensile strength, ensuring the ring can withstand significant pressure and stress.

Excellent Toughness: This material is designed for use in pressure vessels and boilers, where toughness is essential, especially at lower temperatures.

Good Weldability: It can be easily welded to other materials, which is crucial for creating secure and reliable joints in pipeline systems.

Low-Temperature Performance: The material includes a requirement for a -46°C impact test, ensuring it remains tough and resistant to brittle fracture at low temperatures. This is particularly important for applications in colder climates or for transporting cryogenic substances.

ASME B16.5 weld neck flanges

ASME B16.5 weld neck flanges

Stringent Quality Control

To meet the client’s stringent requirements, Haihao Group ensures that each transition ring undergoes comprehensive quality control measures:

100% Magnetic Particle Testing/Dye Penetrant Testing: All beveled ends of the fittings are tested to ensure weld quality and detect any surface or subsurface discontinuities.

Low-Temperature Impact Test: Each transition ring is tested at -46°C to verify its toughness and reliability under extreme conditions.

Protective Coating: The exterior surfaces of the carbon steel fittings are coated with paint or varnish to prevent damage during transportation and ensure long-term durability.

Custom Manufacturing Capability

The provided production drawing highlights our ability to produce highly customized components tailored to specific client requirements. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced engineering team ensure that each product meets precise specifications, including dimensions, material properties, and performance standards.

This order from our Russian client highlights Haihao Group’s capability to provide comprehensive, high-quality solutions for complex pipeline systems. Our dedication to excellence and adherence to international standards such as ASTM ensures that our clients receive products that meet and exceed their expectations. Whether it is standard fittings or highly specialized components like the transition ring, Haihao Group is your trusted partner for all your piping system needs.

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