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Wind power flange manufacturing technology

Wind power flange manufacturing technology

Wind power flange is a structural member connecting each section of tower or between tower and hub, hub and blade, which is usually connected by bolts.

Wind power flange is also called wind tower flange, and its process mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Source of raw material refining export flaw detection plate
  2. After entering the factory, the materials shall be rechecked by the County Technical Supervision Bureau
  3. The cutting is done by large sawing machine
  4. Raw materials are heated in the furnace
  5. Repeated forging of piercing Center
  6. Normalizing and annealing heat treatment
  7. Rough machining after heat treatment
  8. Fine machining after qualified
Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

The material used for wind power flange is low alloy high strength steel Q345E / s355nl. The minimum temperature of working environment is close to – 40 ℃, and the maximum wind force can reach level 12. Normalizing is required for heat treatment. Normalizing process improves the comprehensive mechanical properties of forged flange by refining grain, unifying structure, improving structure defects. The normalizing degree has a great influence on the microstructure, and the appropriate temperature can refine the grain, so as to obtain good properties. If the temperature is too low, the effect is not great. If the temperature is too high, the grain size is coarse, and widmanstatten structure is easy to form, so that the properties are decreased. The mechanical properties and microstructure of forged flange before and after normalizing were tested. The results show that the flange with better comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained by using proper normalizing process.

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