The delivery of plastic coated slip on flange

We have recently completed a batch of orders slip on lining plastic flanges, the customer request the material of slip on flange is A105, the size is 3′-6′, pressure is 300 #, inner and outer wall coated with polymer material.The coating material is polyethylene (PE), crosslinked polyethylene (PEX), epoxy resin (EP) and so on.The coating of the flange is black paint, after a 100% quality inspection before shipment (such as the size of the conventional measurement, thickness and check), in order to prevent product rust during transportation, We have adopted wooden cases for packing.

A105 plastic coated slip on flange

A105 plastic coated slip on flange

Plastic coated flange has the advantages of corrosion resistance, good pressure resistance, high strength, long service life, suitable for harsh environment, widely used in acid, alkali, salt liquid and various chemical, sewage transport system.

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