Spectacle blind flange ASME B16.5

Spectacle blind flange ASME B16.5 is designed to isolate or connect piping systems.It consists of two discs connected by flat steel, one is  solid and the other hollow ring with the same diameter as the flange.Spectacle blind flange ASME B16.5 is independent of other facilities or equipment in the piping system.Normally, it is located in the open position to allow fluid to flow through the pipe.When the spectacle blind is in the closed position, both the pipe and fluid are closed.

When the spectacle blind flange is rotated to the closed state, the piping system can be maintained.The spectacle blind ASME B16.5 is connected to a hole in the web, loosen and remove part of the bolts. The spectacle blind can be rotated between the flanges. After replacing the gasket, the bolts can be reassembled and tightened.

Stainless steel SS316 spectacle blind flange

Stainless steel SS316 spectacle blind flange

What’s the spacer and spade?

The spacer and spade have the same function like the spectacle blind flange of ASME B16.5 except that they are two separate parts.Spade and spacer are used in piping systems that do not require frequent maintenance, or for large diameter pipes. Depending on the pipe diameter and the pressure rating of the pipe, the blind paddle may weigh several hundred pounds. In order to reduce the unnecessary pipeline load, usually not choose the 8-shaped blind plate, but choose two separate parts, namely spade and spacer.

Spade flange finished in Haihao Group

Spade flange finished in Haihao Group

Because the spade or spacer is between the flanges, we can’t tell whether it’s a spacer or a spade.Therefore, special marks are usually made on the handle, or there are separate designs.Customers usually provide their own technical data sheets.

When piping needs maintenance, replace spade and spacer similar to spectacle blind flange.Loosen all bolts, temporarily remove some bolts, can replace the shovel or gasket.After the replacement, the bolts can be reassembled and fixed.

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