What are the common obstacles of flange?

If the problem of flange leakage can not be handled in time, the leakage will expand rapidly under the medium corrosion, form data loss, damage the production environment, make the enterprise stop production, and form huge economic losses. If the accident is the leakage of toxic, flammable and explosive medium, it can also lead to poisoning, fire or explosion. Corrosion is the continuous production of flange, in modern industry, corrosion medium, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors inevitably produce leakage, due to the seal surface size error, seal component aging, improper device and fastening, etc., are easy to produce flange leakage.

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

API 6A Weld Neck Flanges

In some traditional enterprises, the way to deal with flange leakage is to replace sealing elements and apply sealant, or replace flange and pipe, but this method has great limitations. Some leaks will be constrained by work and living environment. To eliminate hidden dangers and save maintenance costs for enterprises, we can now use polymer composite blocking solution, which has a very ideal method, especially in flammable and explosive environment, and also shows its common advantages. Polymer composite technology has the advantages of simple construction process and low cost.

The real significance of using flanges is that they have excellent sealing performance, and can effectively protect the smoothness and sealing of the whole pipeline. It can not only improve the effective sealing of enterprises, but also effectively disassemble and assemble. Of course, flange is an usual product, which can be divided into different pressure levels, different pipeline pressures, matching equipment or vessels and matching data, etc., but flange is also an indispensable accessory in engineering, which plays an important role.

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