The Colombian customer ordered large size flanges

As shown in the figure, 32-inch weld neck(WN) RF flange, 300#, material A105, according to the standard ASME B16.47A, the customer placed an order in early May, and it is expected to be delivered to Colombia in early June, which is used in the construction and use of large pipelines. Markings are laser typed and each flange comes with a blue protector to protect the flange from bumps and scratches in transit.

Weld Neck Flange RF ASME B16.47A A105

Weld Neck Flange RF ASME B16.47A A105

Haihao Group specializes in producing flanges for more than 40 years, and has supplied numerous flanges to both new and old customers.

Commonly used flange types: WN, SO, BL, TH, SW

Common size range: 1/2″~ 42″

Flange material: CS(ASTM A105), alloy, stainless steel (304, 316, 321)

Flange standard: ANSI, DIN,JIS,MSS,GOST

The above parameters are required to purchase the flange. If it is a special flange, you can also customize it according to the drawing. Our company produces flanges to strictly control each link of the product, raw materials – production – processing – inspection – packaging – transportation, each link we have high standards to meet the needs of customers.

Weld Neck Flange RF ASME B16.47A A105

Weld Neck Flange RF ASME B16.47A A105

Just like this batch of flanges from Colombia, Haihao Group has won the trust and high praise from the customer. The customer has been ordering similar flanges from our company for three years, and our company is responsible for all the business of the customer’s flanges. Thanks for customer support all the time. Welcome new customers to have a new understanding of Haihao Group and cooperate with us in the future!