What is ZPS washer and HCS washer?

In the previous articles, the main product types of insulation kits are basically introduced. Finally, it is worth noting that it was mentioned in the initial introduction to the components of the insulation kit, “3. Steel Washer: ZPS Washer;” and “4. Insulating Washer: HCS Washer.”  The HCS washers are is steel material with PTFE coated and the ZPS washers are steel material with galvanized. These two washers may sometimes be provided as one according to client requirements. For example, there is this item in the client’s order: “GASKET:INSULATION,VCS,2″,900/1500 LB,TYPE F, COMPRISING TEFLON SPRING-ENERGIZED SEAL,PTFE SEAL ELEMENT, NEMA GRADE G-10 GLASS-REINFORCED EPOXY LAMINATE,MYLAR SLEEVES,HARDENED COATED STEEL DOUBLE WASHERS, FOR RTJ FLANGES,ANSI B16.5,NACE MR0175.” Other descriptions are basically the same, just for washers, there is “HARDENED COATED STEEL DOUBLE WASHERS”, that means, HCS double washers are required , ZPS washers are no longer needed.  The total quantity is the same, as shown in the product below:

HCS double washer

HCS double washer

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