Order for complete flanges in Russia

The following are the order from old Russian customers in June. The general product description is for example:

Set of companion flanges, gaskets, bolts and nuts, consist of: 2 x weld neck flanges ASME B16.5 (DN 3″, Pressure class: ANSI 300, material: A182 F9), 2 x Gaskets (SWG, 304SS/Graphite + 304SS inner retaining ring ASME B16.20), 16 stud bolts and 32 hex nuts (Stud material: ASTM A 193M B7, nut material: ASTM A 194M 2H)

ASTM A182 F9 weld neck flange

ASTM A182 F9 weld neck flange

This is a complete set of flange requirements description, including flanges, gaskets, bolts and nuts. When inquiring in March, some information was still missing. We provided quotations for matching flange accessories, including the sizes and materials of commonly used accessories. With the communication with the customer, we got the order for the whole set of flanges in June. The customer has updated the material of some gaskets and bolts and nuts, but some product information is not clear. We took the initiative to sort out the size and pressure of the gasket, the size and length of the bolt and nut, and finally got the customer’s confirmation.

At present, the customer is preparing to pay in advance, and Hebei Haihao Group is also conducting communication and arrangements before production scheduling. Any information on the production of flanges and their accessories, or accessories for matching flanges, welcome to communicate and exchange, we are trustworthy!