The customer should be aware of the correct method of filling pipe flanges

In the connection of pipeline flange, leakage and crack will occur after a long time without maintenance or under the influence of stress, which will directly affect the use of the flange. Therefore, when discovering the leakage of the flange, it is necessary to timely deal with it and make up the leak through reasonable methods. Haihao Group shares with you the common flange leak repair methods.

1.Locally inject sealant with a fixed fixture as a whole

The reason for this method is that after the leakage point of this flange is eliminated, the leakage in other places is easy to deal with. A fixed fixture shall be installed and a baffle shall be added on both sides of the leakage point to prevent the overflow of the injected sealant from the local sealing chamber. The baffle is inserted into the bolt with the bolt as the support. The upper part is embedded in the groove of the fixture and pressed with the bolt. The lower part reaches to the flange boss and gasket. After adjusting the clearance, inject the sealant according to the “intermediate operation” and eliminate the leakage.

Filling pipe flange

Filling pipe flange

2.Local fixture

The section of the fixture is convex, and the packing root groove is added on both sides. The clamp width covers the flange on the outer circumference and the circumference length of the clamp should cover at least one small sector on each side of the leakage point (the space between the two bolts). The clamp is fixed against the ring bolt on the flange bolt, each small sector shall not be less than 1 injection hole. Inject the sealant according to “intermediate operation” and eliminate leakage.

Haihao Group suggests the customer: flange leak must be orderly and proper method, it is necessary to use third-party tools, such as local fixture. For the flange with good sealing and high precision, to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. However, when the flange appears damage, although there are a lot of repair methods can be used, but sometimes in its time is not allowed, it must be repaired in a fast and effective way, while the repair also requires the flange seal is not changed, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.