What is LPG gasket?

HPG gasket was introduced in the previous article, and then let’s learn about the light green LPG gasket.

In fact, from the comparison of these two type pictures, we can found that the black HGP is thicker, while the light green LGP is lighter.

Light green LPG gasket

Light green LPG gasket

LPG system is an insulation group designed for flange insulation and sealing, which is suitable for RF and FF flanges with ANSI pressure grades of 150Lb to 600Lb. The LPG insulation system has a special design of mixing compensation seal groove. The purpose of the design is to prevent the leakage of medium (fluid or gas) in the gasket body. The seal embedded in the groove can be any elastomer material or more advanced PTFE spring seal ring. There is no metal core embedded in the gasket body material, and the material can be epoxy resin (G10 or G11) or phenolic. Sealing rings of different materials can be selected according to the requirements of different working conditions, from Teflon spring ring to rubber elastomer. Applicable to all types of flange standards, including ANSI,ASME,MSS,BS,DIN,GB.

The above and the last one article are a brief introduction to the material design and application environment of these two gaskets (HPG and LPG).