Introduction of spiral wound gasket

What is sprial wound gasket?

Spiral wound gasket is the most widely used types of flange gaskets used in pipeline.Spiral wound gaskets provide superior performance and consistent compressible property.This process of precise winding density control provides a gasket designed to meet your specified seating stress and assures consistent sealing of your most critical fluids.

The spiral wound gaskets consist of a V-shaped strip of metal which is wound into a spiral.Hence it is called as Spiral Wound Gaskets. Normally the metal layers are separated by a filler,usually asbestos.The asbestos provides a good resilience and sealability property to spiral wound gaskets.

spiral wound gasket

spiral wound gasket

A spiral wound gasket consists of an inner ring,metal winding,filler material,and a centering ring.The spiral wound gaskets are widely used in moderate to critical services in various industries.They are most suitable for the application,where the gaskets subject to extreme temperature or pressure cycling,shock or vibration.These gaskets have the best resistance property when compare with other metal and asbestos type gaskets.They are generally used for applications over 150# pressure class.

Advantages of Spiral Wound Gasket

The spiral wound design is most popular because it makes a good all round gasket. It can adjust for temperature changes, shock, and vibration, and can be used at fairly high temperatures and pressures. Besides the multiple sealing actions of the metal edges, the filler compresses under the bolt load to make another barrier against leakage. It can thus fill minute imperfections in the flange faces, while the spring action of the metal helps to create and maintain a tight seal.

316L spiral wound gasket

316L spiral wound gasket

Spiral wound gaskets produced by our company are durable.What’s more,they can be easily installed and removed.Our gaskets accommodate a variety of conditions by combining various metals and filler materials.They are ideal for hydrocarbon processing and refining,petrochemical processing,chemical processing,power generation,oil and gas industries.

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