Introduction of graphite gaskets

Graphite gasket is one kind of the common flange gaskets and used to prevent pipeline leakage.Graphite gasket is made of pure graphite plate or metal reinforced graphite plate cutting or stamping,with many excellent sealing performance,such as:thermal stability,self-lubrication,corrosion resistance,non-aging,not brittle, etc.Different metal sheets are available for lining.Type optional no edge,inside edge,outside edge,inside edge.Graphite gaskets from pure graphite plate cutting holes or cut,it has a good anticorrosive and high/low temperature resistance,good compression resilience and high strength,all kinds of circular complex geometric gasket is widely used in pipe,valve,pump,pressure vessels,heat exchanger,condenser,generator,air compressor,exhaust pipe,etc.

Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

Graphite flange gaskets used in pipeline

Raw materials of graphite gaskets

Expanded graphite (flexible graphite) is made of pure natural graphite by chemical treatment and at high temperatures of 1000℃.This material has excellent heat and chemical resistance,which makes the graphite gasket has characteristics of high elasticity and low ductility.

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