The introduction of spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gasket is one type of sealing gasket,which is the best elastic gasket in semi-metal close gasket,and is formed by alternating winding of v-shaped or w-shaped thin steel strip and various fillers.At present,it is widely used in pipeline,valve,pressure vessel and other flange connections.

316L spiral wound gasket

316L spiral wound gasket

This kind of gasket can solve the problem of chemical corrosion of gasket by various media by changing the material combination of gasket.The spiral wound gasket is provided with metal inner reinforcing ring and outer locating ring, and the maximum compactness is controlled by inner and outer steel ring, so the surface precision of flange sealing surface in contact with gasket is not required to be high.

The temperature for using -196 ° C -650 ° C
The pressure for using ≤ 26MPa
Thickness 2.5mm-4.5mm

Advantages of spiral wound gaskets:

(1)Wide application range.It can be used in the situation of high temperature, high pressure and ultra low temperature or vacuum.

(2) Strong application compensation ability. In the high temperature, high pressure fluctuation frequent station, its sealing performance is stable, the reliability is strong.

(3) Good sealing performance.

(4) Easy to use and install.

spiral wound gaskets

spiral wound gaskets

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