Flange production and processing

Flange plate has certain technical requirements and parameters in the production and use, according to certain ways and methods of production and processing:

1.The butt weld of the ring shall be subjected to post-welding heat treatment and be subject to 100% X-ray or ultrasonic inspection, and the X-ray inspection shall meet the requirements of grade II of JB4730, and the ultrasonic inspection shall meet the requirements of grade I of JB4730. Butt welding flange adopts certain welding standards and technology production and processing, in line with the corresponding production standards and requirements of the state.

Tube sheets are under drilling in Haihao Flange Workshop

2.The steel plate for the production of flange shall be inspected by ultrasonic wave, no lamination defects, good quality and performance problems shall be guaranteed, production and inspection shall be conducted according to certain quality requirements, and the steel plate for production and use shall be guaranteed to have no quality problems;

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

3.Should be along the direction of steel rolling cut into strips, through the bending of the butt welding into a circular ring, and the surface of the steel ring cylinder. In the production of butt welding flange shall not be directly machined into the flange with neck steel plate, using a certain process and processing.

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