Introduction of surfacing welding

For steel products such as steel pipes and pipe fittings, welding is the key point to ensure quality in the production process, and it is also the place that all pipe fittings manufacturers attach importance to. The mature welding process can guarantee the quality of the weld, thus ensuring that it can meet the performance requirements. Steel pipes and pipe fittings with defective or unqualified welds will cause cracks with the increase of service pressure during use, and bad conditions may even cause serious accidents.

Surface Welding Piping Products

Surface Welding Piping Products

In order to ensure the quality of welding, surfacing, as an economic and rapid process method of material surface modification, is more and more widely used in the manufacturing and repair of parts in various industrial departments. Surfacing welding refers to the process method that alloy material with certain service performance is coated on the surface of parent material by means of certain heat source to give special service performance to the parent material or restore the original shape and size of the parts. This welding method can modify the surface of the workpiece to obtain the required cladding layer with special properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

HAIHAO has overcome the technical difficulties of surfacing welding and successfully applied surfacing to the manufacturing of pipeline products. Technology upgrading has always been the focus of HAIHAO. Only through continuous technical improvement and upgrading can the quality of products be guaranteed. Welcome to consult and buy our surfacing products.