Matters needing attention in choosing forging materials

The reasonable choice of forging materials is directly related to the quality of heat treatment. If the selected materials fail to reach the predetermined performance indexes through heat treatment, it is necessary to re-select the materials. The following questions should be paid attention to when selecting materials:

ANSI ASME B16.5 class 1500 A350 LF2 weld neck flanges

ANSI ASME B16.5 class 1500 A350 LF2 weld neck flanges

1.According to the working condition and failure form of the forging, the materials selected are different according to the load type and size, working medium, environment and failure form of the forging.

2.Material selection should take into account the structural shape of the forging. The forgings with complex shapes are easy to deform or crack when they are quenched. Under the premise of ensuring the performance and increasing the cost, the alloy steel with good hardenability and oil quenching can avoid waste products.

Anchor Flanges Finished in Haihao Group

Anchor Flanges Finished in Haihao Group

3.The selection of materials should be suitable for the heat treatment process. All kinds of materials have the best heat treatment process. For example, medium carbon steel can obtain excellent comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and tempering, and high wear resistance after surface heating and quenching. In order to avoid improper material selection, the designer should have an understanding of the microstructure of the material after heat treatment.

4.Try to choose materials that can simplify the heat treatment process. In the premise of ensuring the use of performance, should be as far as possible to choose the process of simplified materials, not only to meet the product quality requirements, and reduce the cost, such as the application of non-quenched steel, low carbon steel quenching instead of medium carbon steel quenched.

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5.The selected materials should not only have good processing performance, and should be easy to process and form, in the process of processing, the qualified rate is high, is the designer in the selection of materials should pay attention to the problem. According to the workpiece processing process, the material should have the corresponding good technological performance, such as casting performance, forging performance, welding performance, machining performance and heat treatment performance.

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