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Advantages and disadvantages of flat welded flanges

Advantages and disadvantages of flat welded flanges

The flat welded flange is the most common used flange,it is a type of flange that is joined to a vessel or pipe by a fillet weld.There are the advantages and disadvantages of flat welded flanges:

Advantages of flat welding flange:

In order to press the sealing surface of the flat welding flange only needs a very small pressure,with the decrease of the required pressure, the bolt scale and the number of required are correspondingly reduced, after all, a relatively small volume, relatively light quality of the flat welding flange products.

EN 1092 1 forged slip on flanges

EN 1092 1 forged slip on flanges

Production of flat welding flange can save data, reduce costs. When the raw material of tube material is special, when the price is high, the cost of welding the flange of the same raw material will be high and the choice of this flange can be useful to save the cost of information. Conducive to the construction, in connection, flange bolt hole corresponding to inconvenient alignment or to avoid the replacement of equipment flange bolt hole, the use of this flat welding flange, is very suitable.

Flat welding flange in the process of use can save space, can reduce weight, the most important thing is to ensure that the head will not leak, has a very outstanding sealing function, compact flange size is reduced because of reducing the diameter of the seal, which will reduce the sealing surface section. There is a flange gasket has been replaced by a sealed ring to ensure the best match between flat welding flange sealing surface.

Disadvantages of flat welded flange:

It is impossible for any product to be without defects, so try to control the defects of the product to the minimum. The primary drawback of flat welded flanges is that they cannot be guaranteed to be leak-free. Because the connection is dynamic, and such as thermal expansion and fluctuating periodic load will form between the flange surface of the movement, affect the flange function, so that the integrity of the flange is damaged, eventually lead to leakage.

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