What is the gasket?

Gasket is made of paper, rubber or copper, placed between the two planes to strengthen the sealing material, in order to prevent fluid leakage between the static sealing surface of the sealing element.

Material classification

A part, usually a flat metal ring, between a connector and a nut.

1.Non metallic gasket non metallic gasket made of asbestos, rubber, synthetic resin, polytetrafluoroethylene and other non-metallic gaskets. A non metallic jacket gasket is coated with a layer of non-metallic gasket such as synthetic resin.

2.Semimetallic gasket a gasket made of metal and nonmetal materials, such as spiral wound gasket and metal clad gasket.

A. spiral wound gasket is a spiral wound gasket made of metal belt with V-shaped or W-shaped cross-section and non-metallic belt.

1) The inner ring is arranged on the metal ring of the inner ring of the spiral wound gasket.

2) The outer ring is arranged on the metal ring of the outer ring of the spiral wound gasket.

B. metal cladding

PTFE gaskets

PTFE gaskets

3.Metallic gasket a gasket made of steel, aluminum, copper, nickel or Monel alloy.

4.Spiral wound gasket refers to the gasket which is wound by metal belt (generally V-shaped steel belt) and non-metallic belt. The metal belt and non-metal belt are wound alternately. Because of its good elasticity, it is widely used in the flange sealing structure of petrochemical, chemical and electric power industries. According to the specific position, steel ring can be added to the inner or outer layer of the gasket to locate or strengthen.

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