Welding process and suggestion of stainless steel flange

Stainless steel flanges are the commonly used piping products,there are the welding process and suggestion about them.

Welding process of stainless steel flange:

Firstly,we should choose dissimilar steel welding materials: the welding materials should be correctly selected according to the chemical composition, properties, joint form and use requirements of dissimilar steel base materials. For the dissimilar steel joints with relatively close metallographic structure, the selection of welding materials is required to be welded. Other properties such as mechanical properties and heat resistance of the joint metal are not lower than the index of the side of the base material where the performance requirement is low, and in some special cases, the base material is selected according to the performance requirement, and the welding material is selected. It may be more beneficial to avoid the occurrence of welding defects.

Welding method: welding rod arc welding, tungsten argon arc welding, submerged arc welding, etc., welding parameters should be in accordance with the welding stainless steel butt welding flange process.

Weld neck flange WN flange A182 Gr F321 RTJ ASME B16.5

Weld neck flange WN flange A182 Gr F321 RTJ ASME B16.5

Welding recommendations of carbon steel pipe and stainless steel flange:

1.The electrode used must be welded to the stainless steel electrode or wire.

2.Under normal circumstances,it is not recommended to weld stainless steel flange and carbon steel in one place. It is more suitable to use flange connection. Because stainless steel flange and carbon steel are in contact for a long time, it will produce “carburizing reaction”. Will have an impact.

3.It is generally very simple, that is, 309L welding is used, and the welding process is the same as ordinary stainless steel welding. For some special cases, it is necessary to analyze it in detail. For example, special steel grades such as stainless steel and quenching parts are welded, and the material process must be changed accordingly.

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