What are the flange sealing surfaces?

Flange sealing surface includes full face FF, raised face RF, raised face m, concave face FM, tenon face t, groove face g and ring connection face RJ. Generally, the concave convex surface MF, the tenon groove surface TG and the ring connecting surface RJ are used in pairs.

Ring groove surface sealing surface

It is often used in combination with butt welding (not with socket welding), mainly used in high temperature, high pressure or both. Flange is commonly used in PN10, PN16, PN25, pn63 (PN Series) pressure rating.

Flange sealing surfaces

Flange sealing surfaces

Raised face sealing face

It is the most widely used type.

Full plane sealing surface

It is usually matched with the flat welding type to be suitable for the working condition (png1.0) with moderate operating conditions; it is commonly used for cast iron flange or steel flange connected with cast iron.

Concave convex sealing surface

It is often used with butt welding and socket type.

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