Introduction to socket weld flange

Socket welded flange (SW Flange) is a popular type of pipe flange originally developed for small-size high pressure piping.Socket welded flanges are made similar to slip on flanges.However, the socket welded flange of the inner pocket allows for a smooth hole and better fluid flow.During internal welding, the static strength of the flange is equal to that of the slip on flange, but the fatigue strength is 50% higher than that of the double welded lap flange.

Smooth bore conditions in such a flange can easily be attained without having to bevel the flange face and,after welding,to reface the socket weld flange as would be required with slip-on flanges.For this reason,the internally welded flange is popular in chemical process piping.

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

Key features for socket weld flange:

  • The recess on the inside diameter of the socket weld flange allows for a good fit of the pipe allowing for a smooth flow of liquid.
  • Socket welding flanges work well for smaller sizes and higher pressure temperature conditions.
  • They are similar to slip-on flanges,but must specify the schedule of the pipe where they will be used for with socket welds.

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