What are marine rolling flanges?

Flange rolling is also a flange manufacturing process. Plate flat welding flange in the majority, the connection mode for welding. There are cold rolls and hot rolls. Materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and so on. This kind of product uses theory weight to weigh mostly, do not subtract the weight of waterline, stop, bolt hole, chamfer.

Rolling flange is cut into slats with the middle plate0, then rolled into a round welding interface after the use of the process of flattening processing. After processing into a circle, reprocessing waterline, bolt hole, stop and other procedures. This is generally a large flange, a maximum molding can do 7 meters. If the segmented production process is used, it can be done to 12m-15m or larger specifications.

Forging Rolling Flange Production

Forging Rolling Flange Production

The raw material of rolling flange is medium plate with good density and good quality guarantee. The welding process of the joint of the rolling flange is the most important, X-ray or ultrasonic examination should be done. When processing the bolt hole, it is not allowed to hit the bolt hole to the place with welding joint.

Rolling flanges cost less than forged ones, but some oversized flanges are not forged. Relatively, the unilateral narrow of thickness thin, weight light, product, processing dovetail groove and so on, the price of the product that has a few sealing groove is a few taller, and a few thick, the price that weight is heavy, the coil that does not have very burdensome processing craft makes flange is about to be a few lower.

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