What is ring joint gasket?

A ring joint gasket(RTJ) provides a strong and durable metal-to-metal seal between two mating RTJ flanges.As the flanges are bolted,the softer material of the ring joint gasket is “squeezed” into the flanges grooves (made of a harder material) and seals the connection very tightly.RTJ gaskets are available in three styles,R(oval,octagonal), RX,and BX.

Types of ring joint gasket

Types of ring joint gasket

Ring joint gaskets (RTJ) ensure a long lasting and strong seal for flanges,valves,piping spools and vessels at high pressure and temperatures,which are typical conditions for many petrochemical processes.The material of RTJ gaskets shall match the flanges material but must have a lower hardness, in order to ensure that the gasket, and not the flange,get plastically deformed within the groove of the flange as the two mating flanges are bolted together. In case a harder material for the ring type joint is used, the groove of the flange would be damaged as the flanges are tightened.

Haihao Group stocks ring joint gaskets in R oval,R octagonal,RX,and BX styles.Dimensions for ring joint gaskets are in accordance to ASTM B16.20,API 6A and ASME B16.5/B16.20.If you are interested in our high pressure forged flanges and gaskets,please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss cooperation,email:sales@haihaogroup.com