Introduction to water line flange

Water line flange is the flange with water line.

For the flange with the same type Du sealing surface, if there is water line on the sealing surface, the sealing effect is better and the applicable pressure is higher.

There are no specific standards for waterlines. Generally, they are custom processed. They are mainly divided into three types: helix, concentric circle and three water lines. Spiral lines are more dense, and concentric circles are more sparse than spiral lines. If conditions permit, 1-3 passes.

Water line flange

Water line flange

Generally, the structure is: an inverted right triangle (section form), according to the requirements, it is generally 2mm wide and 1mm deep. Its function is to form labyrinth seal when flange connection, reduce gas or liquid leakage. In addition, if the flange connection uses non-metallic sealing gasket, the sealing water line is generally processed; if the metal gasket is used for sealing, the water line is not processed.

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