Introduction to flange type and sealing surface form

How much do you know about flange types and sealing surfaces?Make a list today so you can understand more clearly.

Flanges Standard Sealing surface Class grade
Common valve supporting flange
Type Code form Code
Plate flange PL HG20593、
Raised face RF 0.25~2.5 RF flat welding flange is a commonly used flange, which can be used with various flanged low and medium pressure valves
Flat face FF 0.25~1.6
Slip on falange SO HG20594、
Raised face RF 0.6~4.0 RF Slip on falange is a structural type commonly used in petrochemical plants introduced in recent years
Male and female face MFM 1.0~4.0
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~4.0
 Flat face FF 0.6~1.6
Weld neck flange WN HG20595、
Raised face RF 1.0~25.0 PN4.0-PN10.0MPa valves are usually equipped with convex pipe flanges, such as: Z41H-40, J41H-64, H44H-100, etc. Ring pressure face above 160 pressure, such as J41H-160 Raised face butt welding method Lan can also be used with butterfly valve and check valve with wafer connection.
Male and female face MFM 1.0~16.0
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~16.0
Ring joint face RJ 6.3~25.0
 Flat face FF 1.0~1.6
Integral flange IF HG20596、
Raised face RF 0.6~25.0 The overall flange on the valve is generally RF with PN ≤ 2.5, concave surface with PN ≥ 4.0, and RJ face with PN ≥ 16.0, but there are also manufacturers of PN10.0 who use RJ face PN16.0MPa with concave PN2.5MPa ammonia valve FM pipe flange with RF surface
Male and female face MFM 1.0~16.0
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~16.0
Ring joint face RJ 0.6~25.0
 Flat face FF 1.0~1.6
Socket weld flange SW HG20597、
Raised face RF 1.0~10.0 Structures commonly used in petroleum artificial devices introduced in recent years.
Male and female face MFM 1.0~10.0
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~10.0
Threaded flanges Th HG20598、
Raised face RF 0.6~4.0 It is more commonly used in engineering construction, and is easy to install without welding. It is suitable for DN10-DN150.
 Flat face FF 0.6~1.6
Lap jiont flange PJ/SE HG20599、
Raised face RF 0.6~4.0 Piping systems for corrosive media.
weld-on Lap jiont flange PJ/RJ HG20600、
Raised face RF 0.6~1.6
Male and female face MFM 1.0~1.6
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~1.6
Blind flange BL HG20601、
Raised face RF 0.25~25.0 For pipe ends or as heads
Male and female face MFM 1.0~16.0
Tongue and groove face TG 1.0~16.0
Ring joint face RJ 6.3~25.0
 Flat face FF 0.25~1.6
Lined Blind flange BL(S) HG20602 Raised face RF 0.6~4.0 Prepared to save precious metals such as stainless steel
Male face M 1.0~4.0
Tongue face T 1.0~4.0
ASME Slip on falange SO HG20616 American Standard Raised face RF 2.0~26.0 PN2.5-5.0 American standard valve matching
ASME weld neck falange WN HG20617 American Standard Raised face RF 2.0~42.0 Generally, RF is used for PN≤11.0MPa, RJ face is used for PN≥15.0MPa.
Ring joint face RJ 2.0~11.0