What is asbestos rubber sealing flange gasket?

The flange gasket used in general petrochemical equipment and sealed pipeline is usually made of asbestos (serpentine asbestos) and rubber. Its sealing texture has good oil resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile strength, so it is widely used in various industries to make a large number of products. Its special advantages and use value have a good future trend.

Asbestos rubber gaskets

Asbestos rubber gaskets

Traditional sealing process materials are used to prepare sealing gasket, which is used in flange pipes and plate containers to form sealing products (designed as “flake”). The combination of asbestos and rubber can be made into flange gasket, sealing gasket and packing seal through mutual mixing, hot roll forming, and then vulcanization process. Both of them are sealed and molded, which are widely applicable to pump and valve sealing Sealing equipment.

In order to better improve the sealing effect of rubber gasket, we can add stainless steel from the mixture of asbestos and rubber. Its molding effect will be better than that of general rubber gasket, and it also increases the tensile, high temperature and high pressure resistance effects, greatly extending the service life of the seal.

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