Order of drawing flanges

Recently we received an inquiry from a customer in Spain.  The inquiry content is carbon steel flanges, but all flanges are customized flanges from drawings.

The customer is an old customer we have cooperated with before. The customer often purchases customized flanges with some drawings.  Soon we gave the price to the customer. After a period of negotiation and communication, the customer finally placed the order to us.

Carbon Steel drawing Flanges

Carbon Steel drawing Flanges

We completed the production on time within the delivery period and delivered the goods to the customer in time.  The customer is satisfied after receiving the goods. The customer will process the customized flanges from these drawings in Spain and then apply them to the oil and gas projects.  I hope everything goes well with the customer’s project.

If you also need drawings for custom flange, please contact us.  We will ensure the quality and quantity of production to your satisfaction.