Introduction of anchor flange

We received an inquiry from a Dutch customer this week about various standard flanges, among which one of the customers needs anchor flanges. The anchor flange has been reported to the customer many times before. Today, let’s learn about anchor flange.

Anchoring flange is the key part of large diameter, high internal pressure, long-distance gas (oil) pipeline system.  It combines the two flanges connected by bolts in the existing technology, cancels the gasket, and makes an integral flange, which is connected with the gas pipeline by welding, and is fixed with the anchor pile by its flange and flange body, so as to be used to fix the connection of the pipeline.  It is more suitable for the fixed connection of many process stations and line valve chambers in the pipeline system of “west-east gas transmission project” in China.

Anchor Flanges Finished in Haihao Group

Anchor Flanges Finished in Haihao Group

Anchor flange is remote pipeline gas (oil) engineering control parts, welding in gas (oil) road, with concrete block is fixed, half buried or buried underground, in order to prevent the dead weight, inner pressure, temperature, piping and azimuth change of the comprehensive forces caused by excessive displacement of the pipeline, in the underground part of the pipeline by uneven soil pressure, water pressure,  The ground part is also affected by wind load, snow load and earthquake and other natural forces.

Due to the large diameter of anchor flange (φ200-φ1200mm), high internal pressure (6-12mpa), wide range of use, bad working conditions (along the geological conditions, climate and temperature complex and changeable, as well as corrosion, vibration and other effects), high safety requirements, so the reliability of its work is very high.

Firstly, the oil and natural gas-related industry determines the design coefficient, climatic conditions, axial thrust, anchorage form and other technical parameters according to the medium pressure, use area, environmental conditions and other factors of anchoring flange, and puts forward the technical specification data.

If you also have an inquiry for anchor flange, please send it to me.