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What’s the heat treatment of large flange?

What’s the heat treatment of large flange?

In large diameter flange heat treatment, the heating temperature is a key index, the choice of heating temperature and control involves the quality of heat treatment and quality of the final product, so in the large diameter flange pipe fittings such as heat treatment process, how to choose proper heating mode,and how to control the heating temperature, is the problem we need to be concerned.

In the early days of the flange pipe heat treatment, usually using coal and charcoal as heating source, the heating effects besides, this way of the natural environment pollution is self-evident, as the country’s emphasis on industrial pollution in recent years, some new fuel as well as applications of industrial heat treatment, such as some gas and liquid fuel. For the industrial heat treatment technology that pursues precise control, induction heating and other heating methods that use electricity can meet the demand more, because this advanced heating method is easier to control, and less pollution to the environment, at the same time, the product quality of flange pipe fitting also has the effect of improving.

Large Size Forged Blind Flanges Under Production

Taking Marine flange as an example, its heat treatment process generally includes three procedures, namely heating,heat preservation and cooling. In the cooling process, quenching cooling speed is faster than normalizing cooling and annealing cooling, it must be noted that, for different types of steel, the required cooling speed is not the same, only master the technical details of each process, can produce high-quality large-caliber flange and pipe products.

Haihao Group has more than 30 years of experience in supplying flanges to customers at home and abroad. The technology for heat treatment of large flanges is mature. For different materials and different types of flange, we have a careful and professional heat treatment method. If you happen to have large flange requirements or about the flange heat treatment technical exchanges, welcome to consult.Email:sales@haihaogroup.com

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