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What’s AWWA C207 Flange?

What’s AWWA C207 Flange?

AWWA means American Water Works Association.AWWA C207 stands for Steel Pipe Flanges for Waterworks Service- Sizes 4 In. Through 144 In. (100 mm Through 3,600 mm).

This standard describes ring-type slip-on flanges and blind flanges. The flange pressure limits and the tables that describe them are: ring-type and and hub-type slip-on flanges;and blind flanges.

Sell Low Price AWWA C207 CLASS D 2"-72" BLIND FLANGES Q235B

Sell Low Price AWWA C207 CLASS D 2″-72″ BLIND FLANGES Q235B

AWWA flanges are designed for generally lower pressure applications (300 psi or less). They are the exact opposite of API flanges.This flange specification is best for applications in which temperature is ambient and media is not corrosive. In most cases, this is simply for the transportation of well water and waste water. AWWA C207 steel flanges are usually of a mild carbon steel or stainless variant and are most often either of the ring slip on or blind disc style. Due to their intended design, they do not feature ring joint or raised faces, and typically seal with rubber gaskets. Due to their cost and weight compared to other flange types, they are also becoming more popular with project work for structural steel types which require mating or filling a gap between existing flanges.

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