Insulating flanges are used in three cases

Generally, in the pipeline connection, there are often some dangerous factors, including leakage, galvanic corrosion and static electricity, which cause accidents. Therefore, the common flange connection is not enough, and the insulating flange with insulation characteristics must be used. Here, we share the use environment of the insulating flange.

Insulating flanges

Insulating flanges

The use of insulated flange can be divided into three conditions:

First, galvanic corrosion: the contact of different metals will accelerate the corrosion of metals with weak stability, which is called galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs between metal flanges of different materials. The galvanic corrosion can be eliminated by using appropriate insulating flange kits.

Second, cathodic protection: in order to ensure the effectiveness of cathodic protection of stainless steel pipes, the pipes must be divided into easy to handle lengths. The sealing and insulation of stainless steel flanges can be ensured by using insulating flange kits

Third, isolation of static electricity: when using pipelines to transport inflammable and explosive media, if the explosion conditions are met, it will be ignited due to static electricity, cathodic protection system or eddy current flow, the use of insulating flange kit can reduce or eliminate this potential danger.

It can be seen that the insulating flange is very used in special circumstances, which can solve the unstable factors in specific environment and avoid various accidents. In addition, insulating flange gasket is also very practical, because gasket has different materials, which is widely used in industrial pipeline connection.