What is a slip on ring lap joint flange?

A few days ago,a customer asked me to send sample of slip on ring lap joint flange.He wanted to order some products for his construction project.I sent samples of these products to him and also found some documents regarding the products.

Slip on ring lap joint flange is movable flange and directly connected by bolts with the pipeline and equipment in the project.It is generally used to save material.Its structure is divided into two parts. One end of the pipe is connected with pipeline, the other end is made as flanging.The plate part is set on the flanging. The plate can use low-grade material,while pipes can use with the same material as pipelines to achieve the purpose of saving material.

slip on ring lap joint flange drawing

slip on ring lap joint flange drawing

Advantages of slip-on ring lap joint flange:

  • It is easy to weld or process or needs high strength. Such as plastic pipes, glass steel tube and so on.
  • Easy to construct. It can prevent the changing of bolt holes of flanges when the equipment will be replaced in the future.
  • Cost-saving when the price is high

Disadvantages of slip-on ring lap joint flange:   

  • Low pressure.
  • Low strength at weld ring (especially when the thickness is less than 3mm)
slip on ring lap joint flange

slip on ring lap joint flange

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