What is the long high neck flange?

Long high neck flange (LWN): long high neck flange is actually an expansion form of butt welding flange with neck.

The flange neck is micro straight cylinder type, the height of the neck is 229mm (≤ DN100) or 305mm (> DN100), the flange neck is not processed with groove, and the processing of groove can be determined through consultation with the user according to the relevant requirements of hg20615-2009.

Long high neck flange (LWN)

Long high neck flange (LWN)

Long and high neck flange is often used in class series pipe flange. When the pipe flange with nominal size less than or equal to DN50 is matched with the cylinder, the long and high neck flange can also avoid the welding difficulty caused by the thin wall thickness at the end of the flange neck.

Connection method: flange nut, bolt connection

Production process: professional overall forging, forging manufacturing, etc            Processing mode:  high precision CNC lathe turning, general lathe finishing, argon arc welding and other processing

Application scope: Boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, pharmacy, metallurgy, machinery, food and other industries

The height of neck is higher, which improves the rigidity and bearing capacity of flange. Compared with the butt welding flange, the welding workload is large, the welding rod consumption is high, and it can not stand high temperature and high pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation. However, the site installation is more convenient, and the process of welding line rubbing can be omitted, which is more popular.

Manufacturing standard: Hg / t20615-2009, ASME B 16.5

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