Stainless steel flanges are ready for shipment to Egypt

After nearly two months of production, a batch of stainless steel flange production was completed. After the inspection by the quality inspection department of the factory, all the data are qualified and ready to be sent to Egypt today.

ANSI/ASME B16.5 304 raised face plain flanges

ANSI/ASME B16.5 304 raised face plain flanges

One day more than two months ago, I received an inquiry from an Egyptian customer, whose main products are stainless steel flanges. The products in the inquiry are as follows:

(1)WN flange RF, Size: 3 “~20”, Pressure: 300#~600#, Wall thickness: SCH40~SCH80, Standard: ASME B16.5, Material: ASTM A403 304,ASTM A403 316L

(2) SO Flange RF, Size: 4 “~22”, Pressure: 300#~600#, Standard: ASME B16.5, Material:  ASTM A403 304,ASTM A403 316L

(3) Blind flange RF, size: 3 “~20”, pressure: 300#~600#, standard: ASME B16.5, Material:  ASTM A403 304,ASTM A403 316L

Dimensions inspection of flange

Dimensions inspection of flange

After communication and understanding of the customer’s relevant needs, I gave the quotation to the customer. After repeated communication, the customer finally placed an order to us. After about two months of production, these flanges were completed. After that, we tested this batch of products, and all the data, such as size and thickness, met the requirements. After feedback it to the customer, the customer is very satisfied. Today this batch of stainless steel flanges has been delivered to Egypt.

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