Relevant knowledge of flange gasket

The gasket is a ring made of a material that can produce plastic deformation and has a certain strength. Most gaskets are cut from non-metallic plates, or made by professional factories according to the specified standards. Their materials are asbestos rubber sheets, asbestos sheets, PTFE sheets, polyethylene sheets, etc. Different materials are suitable for different working environments.

Vietnam customer factory inspection

Vietnam customer factory inspection

The general rubber gasket is applicable to the occasions where the temperature is lower than 120 ℃; Asbestos rubber gasket is applicable to the occasions where the temperature of water vapor is lower than 450 ℃, the temperature of oil is lower than 350 ℃, and the pressure is lower than 5MPa. For general corrosive media, acid resistant asbestos board is the most commonly used. In high-pressure equipment and pipelines, lens type or other metal gaskets made of copper, aluminum, No. 10 steel and stainless steel shall be selected.

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