The introduction and characteristics of various flanges

Flange is a widely used disassembly connector used in various industrial piping systems. Flanges commonly used in industrial pipelines can be generally divided into threaded flanges and welded flanges by connection. And the welding flange can be divided into slip on flange, butt welding flange and socket flange.

Each flange has its scope of application. The following is the introduction of each flange:

1.Threaded flange: it is mainly connected by rotating the thread machined in the face of the flange and the pipe fitting with thread. No welding is required.So this flange installation is very square, but also convenient maintenance.

Generally speaking, the threaded flange is divided into two types, one is the use of processing a certain sealing surface of the two pipe end position and lens pad for sealing, most of this flange is used in the manufacturing industry of synthetic ammonia, in recent years is also less used. The other is the same as the ordinary flange, using two flange sealing surface for sealing. Threaded flanges can be used not only in the long river where welding is difficult or impossible, but also in the pipeline where the temperature fluctuates repeatedly or the temperature is higher than 260 ℃ and lower than -45 ℃.

2.Slip on flange: it is mainly to insert the pipe fitting into the inner hole of the flange for certain welding, and it has the advantage of easy alignment and low price. However, because the welding near the flange is relatively easy, the operation of the flange will cause flange deformation, so it is generally used in the environment of low pressure and temperature.

3.The butt welding flange: mainly the flange neck side and pipe welding and welding processing into some form of directly after welding groove welding operation, the flange of construction convenient, the intensity is high, more suitable for pressure is larger, temperature fluctuation is larger and the pipe of high or low temperatures.

4.Socket flange: it is similar to slip on flange, the difference is to insert the pipe fitting into the socket of the flange for welding.It is generally used in smaller diameter pipelines.

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