Saudi customer added AWWA C207 A105 slip on flange orders

In mid-March, ASME B16.47A ASTM A105 weld neck flanges and blind flanges ordered by Saudi customers were shipped. The customer expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the products after receiving the goods. Due to the needs of the project, the customer needs to purchase a batch of AWWA C207 standard A105 slip on flanges, Haihao immediately arranged production scheduling after receiving the order.

slip on flange DN1000 RF AWWA C207 Hub A105

slip on flange DN1000 RF AWWA C207 Hub A105

AWWA C207 A105 slip on flange is a type of flange that is designed to connect two pipes or valves.AWWA C207 A105 slip on flanges are typically used in low-pressure applications and they are easy to install and remove, which makes maintenance and repairs more convenient. The slip-on design allows for slight angling of the pipes, making it easier to connect them.They are ideal for applications where the pipe or valve needs to be frequently removed for cleaning or inspection.

AWWA C207 standard A105 slip on flanges are widely used in water supply systems, sewage treatment plants,oil and gas pipelines,chemical processing plants,power plants and other industrial applications. This type of flange is generally made of carbon steel (A105) and has a slip-on design that slides over the end of the pipe or valve.

Production process of AWWA C207 A105 slip on flange:

  • Raw materials (carbon steel) are received and inspected.
  • The steel is cut and shaped into the desired flange size and shape.
  • The flange is machined and drilled to create bolt holes.
  • The flange is heat-treated to improve strength and durability.
  • The flange is surface finished (e.g. painted or coated) to prevent corrosion.

Precautions of AWWA C207 A105 slip on flange:

  • The flange should be matched with the correct pipe or valve size and pressure rating.
  • It is important to follow proper installation procedures to prevent leakage or damage to the flange.
  • Regular maintenance and inspection should be done to ensure the flange is in good condition and functioning properly.
slip on flanges DN1000 RF-AWWA C207 Hub A105

slip on flanges DN1000 RF-AWWA C207 Hub A105

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