Introduction of rolled flange

The rolled flange is cut into slats by the middle plate, and then rolled into a round welded joint and then processed by a flattening process. The coil is made up of cold and hot coils. After processing into a circle, the water line, bolt holes, and stops are processed. This is generally a large flange, which can be up to 7 meters in one shot. Most of the plate type flat welding flanges are connected by welding. If the production process is produced in stages, it can be made to specifications of 12 meters to 15 meters or more. (The use and characteristics of rolling flanges)

Forging Rolling Flange Production

Forging Rolling Flange Production

This type of flange has a good quality guarantee. Because the raw material is medium plate, the density is good. The welding process at the interface of the rolled flange is a top priority, and X-ray or ultrasonic film inspection is required. The interface is done, and the material of the entire flange is no problem. Relatively speaking, the product is thinner, lighter in weight, narrower in one side of the product, and has a higher sealing price, and some of the thicker, heavier, and less cumbersome processing flanges are available.

When the bolt hole is machined, it is not allowed to hit the bolt hole to the place where the weld is made. Such flanges are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. Haihao Group is capable of producing products up to 7 meters. Rolling flanges of more than 3 meters must first consider the transportation problem when signing the contract. Because the height limit of the overpass on the highway is 4.5 meters. The height of the car’s trunk is about 1.5 meters, and the height of the flange is too high. Ultra-high and ultra-wide coiled flanges can be applied to the local traffic management department for bulk transportation. However, the transportation cost of large parts is too high, it is recommended to produce in sections and go to the site for installation.

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