Characteristics of gasket

There are many kinds of gaskets, which can be divided into three categories: nonmetal gasket, semi metal gasket and metal gasket.

Asbestos rubber gaskets

Asbestos rubber gaskets

Non metallic gasket

The non-metallic gasket is soft, corrosion-resistant and cheap, but it has poor resistance to temperature and pressure. It is mainly used for flange sealing of medium and low pressure vessels or pipes at normal temperature and medium temperature.

Non metallic gasket includes rubber gasket, asbestos gasket, asbestos rubber gasket, flexible graphite gasket and polytetrafluoroethylene gasket.

PTFE gasket includes pure PTFE, filled PTFE or expanded PTFE.

316L spiral wound gasket

316L spiral wound gasket

Semi metal gasket (also known as metal composite gasket)

Although nonmetallic materials have good flexibility, compressibility and low load capacity of bolts. But its main determination is that the strength is not high, the resilience is poor, and it is not suitable for high pressure and high temperature occasions. Therefore, the bonding metal material has high strength and good resilience. The characteristic of withstanding high temperature. A gasket is formed to combine the two structures. It is a semi metal gasket.

Semi metal gasket mainly includes metal clad gasket, metal spiral wound gasket, metal corrugation gasket, metal tooth shape conforming gasket, etc.

Metallic gaskets

Metallic gaskets

Metal gasket

Under the harsh operating conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and frequent load cycles, various metal materials are still the preferred materials for sealing gasket. The commonly used materials include copper, aluminum, low carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium nickel alloy steel, titanium Monel alloy, etc.

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