Socket Welding Flange 300lb

People are wondering 300lb socket welding flange with Schedule? As we know that Pipe Fittings have different description of pressure ratings. The pressure ratings of Socket Weld Fittings are 3000, 6000, 9000 that defined as LB or Class. And for butt weld fittings which are Sch40, Sch80 and so on. However, the pressure of Forged Steel Flanges are both. Why flanges have both pressure and Schedule? Let’s show the answer by latest order of 3/4 Inch 300lb Sch80 forged A105 socket weld flange RF.

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

They are NPS 1/2 to 3 only in class 300. It is more suitable for small diameter pipeline because it is easy to weld. Socket welding can help to align pipes and strengthen the socket. Carbon steel socket weld flange should take magnetic detection after welding.

The most common carbon steel material for forgings is ASTM A105. A105 socket weld flange is wildly used in ambient and higher temperature service in pressure system.

Normalizing is its heat treatment. Heat treatment is not a mandatory requirement of A105 Flanges except following conditions:

Flanges above Class 300.

Special designed Flanges where the design pressure at the design temperature exceeds the pressure-temperature ratings of Class 300.

Flanges of special design where the design pressure or design temperature are not know.