Characteristics of epoxy powder coatings

As an enterprise dedicated to providing customers with one-stop pipeline engineering products and services, Haihao Group not only has rich pipeline supporting products, but also has the ability to provide customers with coating treatment and engineering solutions. Today, epoxy coating is widely used for the external coating of pipeline products. Below are some characteristics of epoxy coating.

Epoxy coating prefabrication

Epoxy coating prefabrication

Epoxy powder coating has strong adhesion, especially to metal;

The film of epoxy powder coating has good mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance;

Epoxy powder coating has low melting viscosity, good leveling property, and the coating film is basically free of defects such as pinholes and shrinkage holes;

There are many varieties of epoxy powder coatings, which can be prepared with matte, bright, pattern, hammer pattern, etc;

The film thickness of epoxy powder coating can reach 50-300 after one coating μ m. The uncoated powder can be recycled;

The coating equipment of epoxy powder coating requires high requirements, large investment and complex and precise equipment.

Epoxy coating steel pipe with flange

Epoxy coating steel pipe with flange

Haihao Group specializes in producing flange, steel pipe, elbow, tee, pipe cap and other pipeline supporting products. Our company has a professional coating technology team, which can provide customers with epoxy coating, 3PE coating and other coating treatments. If you need the supporting products of pipeline engineering and need coating treatment, choose Haihao, and you will get all the products and services you need at one time.