Sealing principle of the slip on flange

Today is the last part of the introduction of slip on flangesealing principle of slip on flange.

The two sealing surfaces of the bolt press the flange gasket against each other to form a seal, but this also leads to the damage of the seal. In order to keep the seal, it is necessary to maintain a huge bolt force, for which, the bolt should be made larger. The larger bolt must match the larger nut, which means that the larger diameter bolt is needed to create conditions for tightening the nut. However, the larger the bolt diameter, the applicable flange will become bent, the only way is to increase the wall thickness of the flange part.

ANSI B16.5 A105 RF forged slip on flanges

ANSI B16.5 A105 RF forged slip on flanges

The whole device will require a great deal of size and weight, which becomes a special problem in the offshore environment, because in this case, the weight is always the main problem that people must pay attention to. Moreover, the slip on flange is a kind of ineffective seal, which needs to use 50% of bolt load for extruding gasket, and only 50% of load for maintaining pressure. Slip on flange is often used in the case of low medium temperature and pressure and strong medium corrosion.

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When the medium is highly corrosive. The rare integral flange includes slip on flange and butt welding flange. Flanged fittings are those with flanges (lugs or adapters). It can be made by casting. The slip on flange is mainly the parts that connect the pipe and the pipe. According to the structure type. It can also be made of threaded connection or welding.Flange connection refers to a pair of flanges, a gasket and several bolts and nuts.

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