Interseal 670HS,Intergard 475HS and Interthane 990 used on the flanges coating

Interseal 670HS,Intergard 475HS and  Interthane 990,these three kinds of paints are mix used on the flanges coating,there will be introduced separately,so that you can choose the right flange coating.

Interseal 670HS–Surface Tolerant Epoxy

Interseal 670HS is suitable for overcoating intact,aged alkyd,epoxy and polyurethane systems.However,this product is not recommended where thermoplastic coatings such as chlorinated rubbers and vinyls have previously been used.In common with all epoxies Interseal 670HS will chalk and discolor on exterior exposure.However,these phenomena are not detrimental to anti-corrosive performance.Premature exposure to ponding water will cause a color change,especially in dark colors.

Intergard 475HS–Epoxy

Intergard 475HS is primarily designed for use as a high build barrier coat to impart barrier protection to a coating system.It is recommended that it should be overcoated with a durable finish from the Interfine or Interthane range when appearance is important.When applying Intergard 475HS in confined spaces,ensure adequate ventilation. Exposure to unacceptably low temperatures and/or high humidities during, or immediately after,application may result in incomplete cure and surface contamination that could jeopardize subsequent intercoat adhesion.

Interthane 990–Polyurethane

Interthane 990 is available in a range of metallic finishes.Level of sheen and surface finish are dependent on application method.Avoid using a mixture of application methods whenever possible.Best results in terms of gloss and appearance will always be obtained by conventional air spray application.For brush and roller application, and in some colours,two coats of Interthane 990 may be required to give uniform coverage.

Flange coating with interthane 990 Polyurethane

Flange coating with interthane 990 Polyurethane

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