Enhancing maritime cooling systems with ASME B16.5 ASTM A105N SO RED flanges

In the dynamic world of maritime engineering, precision connections are the lifelines of vessel systems. When it comes to accommodating different pipe diameters while maintaining airtight efficiency, the ASME B16.5 CL150 RF / ASTM A105N DN300-DN150 SO RED flange emerges as the go-to solution.

Understanding the SO RED Flange:

The SO RED Flange, or socket weld reducing flange, is a specialized component engineered to link pipes of varying diameters. It’s the versatile connector that bridges the gap between distinct pipe sizes, ensuring the seamless flow of fluids in demanding marine environments.

ASME B16.5 CL150 RF ASTM A105N DN300 DN150 SO RED Flanges

ASME B16.5 CL150 RF ASTM A105N DN300 DN150 SO RED Flanges

ASME B16.5 Standard Compliance:

Our SO RED flanges strictly adhere to the ASME B16.5 standard, guaranteeing reliability and conformity. With a pressure rating of 150 pounds per square inch (PSI), they’re designed to excel under challenging conditions, making them ideal for marine applications.

Robust ASTM A105N Material:

Crafted from ASTM A105N, a high-quality carbon steel, our flanges are engineered to endure the rigors of maritime operations. They exhibit exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and adaptability to various temperature fluctuations – qualities indispensable for cooling systems.

DN300-DN150 Range:

Our SO RED Flanges are meticulously designed to accommodate a diameter range from DN300 (300 millimeters) to DN150 (150 millimeters), ensuring versatility for different marine cooling system configurations.

Applications in Maritime Cooling Systems:

Our discerning client ordered these flanges specifically for a supplementary Maritime Technical Order (MTO) on the vessel’s main deck, exterior machinery space, and the C4 refrigeration unit. These critical systems demand precise connections to maintain cooling efficiency, and the SO RED Flange fits the bill perfectly.

In the world of maritime cooling systems, precision and reliability are paramount. Our ASME B16.5 CL150 RF / ASTM A105N DN300-DN150 SO RED flanges offer the ideal solution for connecting pipes of different diameters with confidence. As our client enhances their vessel’s cooling infrastructure, they can rely on these flanges to deliver efficient and dependable performance in the most challenging marine environments.

At Haihao Group, we are committed to providing top-quality solutions for all your maritime engineering needs. With our range of compliant and durable flanges, we are dedicated to the success and safety of your maritime operations.