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Flange welding techniques and selection guidelines by Haihao Group

Flange welding techniques and selection guidelines by Haihao Group

Haihao Group, a leading expert in the field of pipeline systems, employs various welding techniques for flanges, including flat welding, butt welding, and socket welding flanges.

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

ANSI B16.5 socket welding flanges

Flat Welding, Butt Welding, and Socket Welding Flanges:

Flat welding involves welding the flat surfaces of the flanges together.

Butt welding uses butt welding flanges, joining the pipe by welding the ends in a butt joint.

Socket welding, on the other hand, involves inserting the pipe into the flange for welding.

weld flange flange pipe and tee butt welding joint

weld flange flange pipe and tee butt welding joint

Differences and Applications:

Butt welding generally has higher quality requirements compared to socket welding, and the welded joints are subject to stricter inspection methods.

Butt welding requires radiographic testing, while socket welding can be inspected using methods like magnetic particle or penetrant testing.

For applications where fluid requirements are not highly demanding, socket welding is recommended for its convenience in inspection.

Butt welding is often employed for critical applications where high-quality welding is essential. It undergoes radiographic testing, making it suitable for situations where inspection requirements are stringent.

Non standard flat welding flange

Non standard flat welding flange

Flange Selection Guidelines:

Choose flange materials that are compatible with the pipeline material, ensuring a proper match.

Consider the nominal diameter (DN) and nominal pressure (PN) of the pipeline when selecting flanges. International standards, such as American and European systems, are commonly used.

Depending on specific conditions, choose flange structures and forms, such as slip-on welding, loose flanges, and sealing surfaces like raised faces, flat faces, or ring-type joint faces.

Custom Flanges:

For non-standard components, follow flange specifications and design procedures to ensure proper design and manufacturing.

Haihao Group emphasizes precision and excellence in welding techniques and flange selection. Whether employing flat welding, butt welding, or socket welding, the group ensures that the chosen method aligns with the specific requirements of the pipeline system. For non-standard components, adherence to flange specifications is crucial for optimal performance. Contact Haihao Group for reliable solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

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