Flange lined with polyethylene

Polyethylene is abbreviated as F or PTFE. It is one of the corrosion-resistant substances in the world today and is an ideal material for manufacturing chemical anti-corrosion equipment.

Flanges lined with polyethylene

Flanges lined with polyethylene

Performance: The inner layer is firmly combined with malleable cast iron pipe fittings, without cavities, looseness, or delamination. You can contact us for consultation on the purchase of fire-fighting coated steel pipes and condensed plastic-lined steel pipes. Adopting the hot-melt winding process, the bottom epoxy resin, the middle layer adhesive, and the outer polyethylene form a layer structure. The thermal spray epoxy powder method is used to apply the powder to the surface of the tube evenly after high-temperature heat fusion , To form a steel-plastic alloy referred to as a steel tube, the first letter of the layer, refers to polyethylene, refers to epoxy resin. During continuous light filming, the overlapping length of adjacent negatives should not be less than mm, and the joints are marked with lead. The polar ethylene part has a good affinity with the surface layer polyethylene, so the middle layer and the surface layer also have good adhesion properties.

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