Introduction of rubber gasket

Rubber gasket has the properties of oil resistance,acid and alkali resistance,cold and heat resistance,aging resistance,etc.It can be directly cut into various shapes of sealing gasket,widely used in medicine,electronics, chemical industry,antistatic,flame retardant,food and other industries.

The main products of rubber gasket are: silica gel rubber gasket,nitrile rubber gasket,fluororubber gasket,other rubber gasket.

Asbestos rubber gaskets

Asbestos rubber gaskets

It has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, good use elasticity in the temperature range of – 70 ℃ – + 260 ℃, ozone resistance and weather aging resistance. It is suitable for sealing gasket in thermal machinery. Non toxic can be used to make thermal insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products. At the same time, it has waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, conductive, wear-resistant, oil-resistant and other excellent properties, widely used in machinery, electronics, water heating and other industries.

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