An article takes you to understand the types of SAE flanges

The production of a batch of SAE flanges ordered by the customer today has been completed. Let’s take this opportunity to learn about this type of flange together.SAE threaded flanges are a hallmark of efficiency and precision. They are classified into two main categories, each defined by their distinct threading system.

NPT SAE Flanges

NPT SAE Flanges

1.NPT SAE Flanges (American Thread):

NPT threads, or national pipe Taper threads, are the most widely used thread connection in hydraulic applications. The assembly process is straightforward – tighten the internal SAE flange threads by turning the external pipe threads clockwise until you achieve a snug fit. The result is a secure and sealed connection, ideal for various hydraulic systems.

BSPP SAE Flanges

BSPP SAE Flanges

2.BSPP SAE Flanges (British Thread):

BSPP threads, or british standard parallel pipe threads, adhere to an accepted global standard for parallel threads. BSPP SAE flanges offer another excellent option for hydraulic connections. Their precision and reliability make them a popular choice among professionals worldwide.

As with other SAE flange types, the SAE threaded flange also comes in three common configurations:

SAE threaded flange with O-ring groove: These flanges feature an O-ring groove on the face, which enhances sealing, ensuring leak-free operations. The inclusion of an O-ring creates a tight seal, vital for high-pressure hydraulic systems.

SAE threaded flat face flange: Known for their robust and flat surface, these flanges offer secure connections, even under extreme pressure conditions. The flat face design prevents fluid leakage, contributing to a safe and efficient hydraulic setup.

SAE threaded socket weld flange: This design is perfect for welded connections, providing a secure and leak-free joint. It’s a reliable choice for applications where welding is preferred.

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