Classification of alloy flanges

Alloy flange is a kind of flange plate. There are many kinds of flanges made of this material, such as integral flange, threaded flange, etc. The difference between alloy flange and common flange is that alloy flange can be used in high temperature and high pressure locations and in special pipelines . What are the common types of alloy flange?

Hot dip galvanizing for flange

Hot dip galvanizing for flange

According to different standards, alloy flanges have different types, there are the following:

1 According to national standards, it can be generally divided into integral flange, plate flat welding flange, flange cover, etc.

2 According to the mechanical industry standards, there are generally butt welding flanges, flange covers, French flat welding flanges, etc.

3 According to petrochemical industry standards, it can be generally divided into loose flange, flat welding flange, counter flange and threaded flange.

JIS B2220 10K weld neck flanges

JIS B2220 10K weld neck flanges

When selecting alloy flanges, excellent manufacturers generally have the following characteristics:

1 The product quality is good, and the product is designed in strict accordance with relevant standards, which is very reliable.

2 Complete specifications, a lot of material choices, and support customization.

3 Good after-sales service, able to solve problems encountered in the use process in a timely manner

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